There’s a lot of thought that goes into designing a website. So it’s safe to say that you don’t want to overhaul all those ideas overnight in favour of a new look. Experts usually warn against redoing a website, especially if there’s already an established customer base. It can easily go wrong. However, there are times that a website redesign is necessary to keep digital business operations going.

Here are tell-tale signs that indicate your business website is in need of a makeover:

You Last Updated Your Website Years Ago

It’s safe to say that any out-dated websites should be immediately updated, possibly with new graphics, text, and features. Some websites may retain the same look for years (think Amazon, Google, etc). However, the functionality of such sites have improved over the years. Even if the general look is the same, you will notice new links and buttons on sites like Amazon and Google.

Likewise, if your website noticeably looks out-dated and it’s not by intention, then it is probably the time for a redesign and possibly a relaunch. You may need to include new optimisation capabilities as well.

Traffic Numbers are Slowing Down

There are many reasons why site traffic may slow down to a trickle. It’s perfectly normal for traffic numbers to fluctuate. But if the overall growth rate is seriously slowing down, then that’s a sign something is seriously wrong.

A complete site redesign is an option you can consider to retain or attract more traffic. This may go hand in hand with better search engine optimisation tactics. Some local services, like leading SEO services in Geelong, offer wholesome solutions to improve traffic that may include a site redesign.

Your Website isn’t Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsiveness is crucial for digital operations in this day and age. If your site doesn’t easily load on handheld screens, then you are losing customers. This could be a problem particularly for out-dated websites. In this case, a redesign might be in order to make all components more mobile friendly. You might have to switch to a responsive web template, which usually means a significant redesign.

Customers Click, but Don’t Buy

Your site may still get a lot of traffic, but have trouble retaining that traffic as customers. This is a conversion issue. The conversion rate is what really determines the success of your website. When your site gets visitors, there should be a process in place to convert these visitors into customers. Most websites do this with a deliberate design process.

Conversion optimisation isn’t limited to design, but site design plays an important role in it. For example, visitors may not opt to buy if the payment gateway is unnecessarily complicated. You can use tricks like 1-click buying to ease the checkout process. This means placing a button next to a product. Such design choices sound simple but can be highly effective. If such options could benefit your business, you should go ahead and revamp the site.

The conventional wisdom advises against constant site redesigns. However if you notice any of the above mentioned problems, a site redesign may be the only way to retain the customer base and attract new ones. Some sites only require a bit of tweaking. But others might require a total overhaul and a re-launch to remain competitive within a niche.